A mild case of neck pain is distracting, but severe neck pain can be debilitating. There are many causes of neck pain, a common cause is a poor posture such as when you hunch over a computer table or a workbench. But some neck pains are more serious such as when you have osteoarthritis. If you don’t want to take pain medication and prefer a more natural method of pain relief, visit a chiropractor. Neck pain Modesto chiropractic care is becoming mainstream because it is non-invasive and works!

Neck Pain Chiropractic Care

About Chiropractors and What They Do

Chiropractors are licensed health providers who have a chiropractic doctorate’s degree.  and they need a license to practice in the State where they open office. In California, chiropractors are also subject to a criminal background check and need to provide  fingerprints for background checks. Rest assured that a licensed chiropractor is a vetted professional.


When it comes to neck pain, a chiropractor will examine your spine and your posture to determine irregularities. The chiropractor will then adjust your spine to put it back into alignment. Using a controlled and deliberate motion, the chiropractor will snap your neck so the vertebrae snap back into position. As a patient, you need to relax and avoid resisting the chiropractor’s actions.

Neck Pain Modesto Chiropractic Care

A chiropractic adjustment loosens joints which may relieve pressure on a pinched nerve. This usually results in less neck pain, less stiffness, and a better range of motion. For some people, they may feel the difference right away, but for most people, it will require a few more sessions before you are completely pain-free. This is because your neck and spine got “used to” being in the wrong position so it will revert back to where it was before. However, your alignment will get progressively better with each adjustment. Typically, your treatment plan is 2 to 4 weeks long with multiple adjustments within each week. By adjusting your alignment frequently, you encourage the vertebrae to remain aligned.

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